It might be your first house decoration project, or you might be a seasoned pro with a good understanding of your preferences and the furniture pieces you need for your home. Whichever stage you’re at, these five tips will make decorating your home easy and enjoyable:

Your lifestyle

Firstly, it’s about you, your space and your lifestyle. When decorating your home, think about how you’re going to use the spaces, what functions you need each of the rooms to perform. Think about how you’ll be spending your time, do some research on interior trends for 2019 to ensure you keep your room present and on trend. It’s important to consider how often you host family and friends will determine the size of your dining table and how you spend your leisure time at home will inform the layout of your living room and the size and shape of your sofa.

Your future

As you think about your lifestyle, also think about the future. Is your family going to grow? Is it possible that you’ll start working from home? Consider home office ideas. Will you be taking up new hobbies which might require a dedicated space? Think about how you personalise your space to make the most of the room. Thinking three to five years ahead will ensure that your interiors will be functional and will work for you and your lifestyle for years to come.

What matters to you

Create a list of what matters to you when it comes to your home interiors. You can use it as a checklist when furniture shopping. Are you keen on using only natural materials at home, are you a fan of hand-blown glass, does your dining table have to extend to comfortably seat ten people? Do you prefer a Scandinavian furniture design? Or is a more rustic look your thing? Have a think and focus accordingly on what really matters to you when buying furniture, the way you personalise your space reflects you as a person so take your time when choosing!

Your budget

Assessing your budget is crucial ahead of furniture shopping for your home so that you can be smart and manage your finance – and expectations - accordingly. Browsing our room designs will give you an idea of costs room by room and is a great starting point in your decorating journey.

Your space

This is a crucial step – measuring your space carefully will allow you to choose room designs and individual pieces of furniture which will work in your home, resulting in interiors which are comfortable and functional. Also, remember that the furniture pieces will also have to be delivered to your home – always check the size of the pieces versus the door and window sizes of your property.

Now you’re fully equipped to start your decorating journey. Browse complete room designs or shop by product, colour and style. And most importantly – enjoy the process!