In these unprecedented times, when all we have to do to help is stay home and stay safe, NHS staff are working 18-hour shifts while battling COVID-19.

This means staying away from their homes and families, working day and night, to treat as many people as possible in need of care. We, the nation, can help.

Over the next three months, we will donate 10% of all sales on to NHS Charities Together, in support of those who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Image Courtesy The Guardian

NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER - is a collective experience representing, supporting and championing the work of the NHS’ official charities.

NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER give £1 million a day to the NHS, providing vital funds to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

The donations will be used to :

  • Funding well-being packs and and cover cost of travel, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers

  • Support isolated patients through providing devices to communicate with friends and family whilst in hospital or isolating

  • Longer term mental health support of NHS staff, volunteer, patients and their families

  • Help patients leave hospital quickly and safely and remain or stay out of hospital


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