The most romantic day of the year is not that far away. On Valentine’s Day, people from all walks of life will be taking the time to appreciate that special someone in their lives.

How are you going to mark the occasion? Booking a table at your favourite restaurant is always a winner, and spoiling them with perfume and chocolate usually goes down a treat, but the best place to share an evening might be closer to home than you think.

Pulling off a great evening with your loved one is not difficult to achieve, and we can help you with some of the basics.

The Dinner Date Starts With The Table

Setting the table up in a style that’s going to compliment your food is very important, and the foundation for this is a gorgeous table for 2. A glass top table is a great piece of mood furniture that will benefit from ambient lighting, for example, our Totem Dining Table with Marble Ceramic Top is sleek and elegant and sporting some gorgeous unique wooden leg profile. If you would prefer something a little more cosy so you can feel closer, then our space-saving Levante Transforming Coffee to Dining Table  would be a great fit.

If fine dining just isn’t you, and you are likely to be dipping into lots of little pots and plating up at the table, go for a more relaxed set up. It’s a great excuse to dig out all those rarely-used bits of crockery; dipping trays and the like. You’ll certainly be needing plenty of table space for this, so the elegant Dakota Extending Dining Table is an excellent and practical choice, complete with its striking walnut finish.

Dakota Extending Dining Table

Since it’s a special occasion, don’t hesitate to get out your fine china and glassware. It’ll give the evening a touch of class.

The Main Course

You’ll want to plan your meal well in advance. On a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, it’s always nice to put together more than one course; two or three-course meals are a popular choice, and it might be that you freshly prepare one of the courses and buy in the other, perhaps you take responsibility for one course each, or do everything together.

It’s probably not the best time to try something new and experimental, unless you are an accomplished cook. And in case the worst does happen – always have a back-up plan. Even if it means calling in at your favourite takeaway.

Red wine always pairs well with red meats, while fruity cocktails are a great accompaniment to any meal that packs a spicy kick, or you could even have a go at making some cocktails together and really let yourself relax and enjoy this special time. Although of course, by no means must your drinks be alcoholic. If you’d rather stay off the booze, smoothies and milkshakes can be a fun and creative choice, or even a ‘virgin’ cocktail where there are recipes a-plenty online.

Setting The Mood

With almost everything ready to go, there’s only one thing left to do... set the mood. By using dimming lights and lots of candles, you’ll create an atmosphere that you’ll both feel ready to unwind in.

Sumo Table Lamp with Adjustable Brass Leg (£309)

Letting some music play in the background is a nice touch; if you use a streaming service such as Spotify, you’ll find plenty of romantic playlists full of melodies that provide the perfect backing track to your evening (such as this one here).

Time to relax, eat, drink, enjoy the moment and each others company.

The Bedroom

Planning ahead is important, so getting the small touches right can have a big affect on the experience and the memories you will create. Is your bedroom a haven of love or a complete passion killer?

Getting the lighting right with one of our beautiful Pendant Lamps can make all the difference in the bedroom. A soft yellow glow can help you feel warm and calm, reminiscent of a fireplace.

Rowan Glass Crystal Pendant Lamps (from £169)

Continue the ambience set by the music in to the bedroom, just on a slightly lower volume, and don’t forget to add to the atmosphere with some natural fragrances. Scents such as jasmine or ylang ylang have been shown to elicit a sensual response. Lavender and geranium are naturally calming. Don’t go overboard – a pillow mist or hint of your favourite aftershave or perfume will do it.

Achieving relaxation and intimacy is so much harder when you throw digital distractions into the mix. TVs, computers, phones and tablets should be off, and best of all, not in the bedroom at all! And make sure the room is tidy.

What better way to round off a perfect evening than to collapse onto a beautiful upholstered in the soft velvet Vivien Bed , kitted out with one of Pepper Sq’s supremely comfortable mattresses.

Double, King Bed or Super King Bed, it won’t matter. Holding your special someone close is what Valentines Day is all about.

Bedroom interior concept Easeful Bliss designed by  Topology Interiors

At Pepper Sq we are always optimistic, and we know that you have done a great job setting up your Valentines Day. The table looked wonderful, the food was good, you had fun making it together and the beverages hit the spot. Conversation was flowing and your favourite romantic melodies have invoked a lot of memories from years past. Retiring to the bedroom for the night brings an end to Valentines Day, making new memories to talk about next year.