The colour story for Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 suggests rich tones, each capable of making a statement, but also with a versatility that creates warmth and harmony when paired together.

A sophisticated, yet bold collection of colours, this season’s palette exudes confidence and empowerment.

Here are some of our favourite trendy colours to look out for this winter season:


Summer Fig is a rich shade of orange that infuses a touch of exoticism to the AW19 palette. It is a perfect accent to warm up the room or add some colour to the neutral interior context.

The colour is described as “a lush and juicy orange shade whose slight brown undertone conveys an exotic touch. Suggestive of sweetness and vitality the persuasive and flavourful Summer Fig blazes with intensity.”

THE colour-connoisseurs have announced that orange is officially the ‘it’ colour for all things interior decorating and design this winter.

Discover the full summer fig collection:

1. Hugo 3-Seater Velvet Sofa; 2. Bloomsbury Armchair; 3. Hips Upholstered Lounge Chair; 4. Freddie Armchair; 5. Honest Chair; 6. Mercer Chair 


We've been into all shades of green lately, but in 2019, go dark or go home. "This darker tone is a reboot of the hunter green that was huge in the 90’s. It’s got some hits of grey in it that make it less jarring and more sophisticated."

Biophilic interiors is a concept that has been gaining it's popularity recently. It is known for connecting our home environment to nature by bringing elements from the outside in via plants, natural materials and patterns reminiscent of nature.

Discover the full Eden collection:

1. Erte 2-Seater Velvet Sofa; 2. Arch Upholstered Lounge Chair; 3. Lava Upholstered Armchair; 4. Ella Upholstered Armchair


Rutabaga is a basic cream colour, both rooted and timeless. You can never go wrong with eggnog-coloured furniture. This calm colour is a an interior base and an accent at the same time, depending on the main colour scheme.

Discover the full rutabaga collection:

1. Madrid Cane Chair; 2. Ella Upholstered Armchair; 3. Venice Footstool; 4. Norma 3-Seater Sofa


An eternal grey shade, Frost Grey conveys gravitas and stability. It is not your basic shade of grey. The deeper shade will ground your colour combination and goes really well with the heavier and juicier bright colours. Why not try combining it with the mustard yellows and and burned orange colours.

Discover the full frost grey collection:

1. Venice Velvet Armchair; 2. Justine Small Chest of Drawers; 3. Vienna Dining Chair; 4. Graz Round Dining Table; 5. Valencia Dining Chair 

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