Who doesn’t love to travel? We all are ready for the moment when we can freely roam the globe again without thought. We want to make plans and rebook our trips to Europe or the Caribbean and begin mapping our dream nomadic gap year across Asia or celebrate that big anniversary or retirement with an African safari or journey into wine through Australia. We are nearly there!

We can think outside. There is no box. Bring the feel of those destinations you dream of into your home by transforming  your home interior.

Every traveler has their own unique story in which they love to share as part of their voyage.  Join us to discover Morocco, a country filled with a vibrant culture, elevating colours, inclusive art and exceptional craftsmanship.

Morocco thrives on its richness in textiles and depth in colours.

As we steer towards the north west we stumble across Fes. In the leather tanneries of Fes, craft, art, history and culture are deeply intertwined . You can easily get lost in its labyrinth of alleyways and you will find yourself taking pictures in every corner, Fes is also very good for purchasing local leather goods.

Fes el Bali

Something about the colours of spring resonates perfectly with the moroccan museum called the Jardin Majorelle which was Designed as a sanctum as well as a creative workshop by a French artist known as Jacques Majorelle in 1922.

This rather exotic garden was then saved and purchased by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980.

"For many years, I have found in the Majorelle garden an inexhaustible source of inspiration and I have often dreamed of its unique colors."
– Yves Saint Laurent
Jardin Majorelle

Observing some of the patterns of morocco, there is no doubt that you will come across the infamous Zellij tiles. It symbolises arabian and Islamic art as well as being the signature of Moroccan and Moorish architecture and design.

Zellij Tiles

Zellij has become a key pattern for decorating architectural elements such as floor paving, water features and traditional wall coving. It is typically found in historic buildings, as well as being used in contemporary buildings through incorporating traditional designs and new color palettes.

Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, Moroccan style promotes a new way of thinking and celebrating life in each object for the generations to come.  Each object speaks of its craft and quality unrestricted by the limits of time.

The hues of terracotta, clay, sand are dominating colours in the Moroccan colour palette.

Lush and juicy colour shades whose slight brown undertone conveys an exotic touch. Suggestive of sweetness and vitality the persuasive and flavourful colour palette.

Choose larger piece of furniture for your living room such as  sofa or rug in subtle colours whilst use richer and stronger colours for the smaller elements such as light shade or armchair. This way you get to maintain simplicity with a slight touch of intricacy.

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From clay vessels to wall colours and textiles kept in natural earth tones that ... The earthy red color of fired terracotta is one of the latest interior trends

This colour palette creates a sense of home and comfort a place where everything just makes sense. colour palette creates a sense of home and comfort a place where everything just makes sense.

An electric shade of blue called Aqua will come to the fore in fashion, tech, and interiors in 2021. Aqua Colours offers true versatility, it can look both sporty and trend-forward, making it perfect for designs that inhabit the blurred space between active and fashion.

Blue is also a color which suppresses the hormones making you sleep and makes you focused and energetic.

Add character and individuality to your living space with zellij pattern. The hues of aqua blue sooth your eyes and experience real comfort with the Erte sofa complemented by the Bloomsbury armchair and footstool .

The turquoise colour conveys clarity of thought whilst also helping to open communication between the heart and the spoken word. Said to present as ‘a friendly and happy colour enjoying life.’

Add the gentle gold details in the Horizon Pendant and the Attis Rug to balance the rich blues and become a part of this harmonious mix.

Bring calmness and a sense of belongingness to the space where you sleep and relax.

Ready-to-buy bedroom set: Stories of Morocco. Interior Designed by Pepper Sq's in-house team

Dive deep into the dreamiest of dreams with using hues of soft sky blues, and celadon greens mixed with the smokey sienna headboard and champagne walls.

Living in minimal environments is a new trend as they evoke a sense of perfection. While this is amazing at first glance we tend to forget the fact that we are human and our lives are full of meaning and depth!

Discover our furniture collection in earthy tones inspired by colorful Morocco, bring vibe of this beautiful land to your home.