We hope you’re already feeling more confident about your home decorating project by knowing what the top 5 mistakes are to avoid. Now it’s time for the final 5 top tips, to make your spacemaking as simple as possible:

Poor quality

It’s not something you have to worry at Pepper Sq but be mindful of quality when you shop around. The ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ saying is still very relevant, so make sure that you carefully check where you buy your furniture and accessories. And remember – at Pepper Sq you’re investing in quality and are in safe hands.

No compromise

A special point for the couples and families decorating their homes together. Before committing to new interiors, discuss your taste, styles you love and how you imagine the spaces. Ideally, browse the room designs together and make joint decisions. This way you’ll ensure that you’ll both love the home you create. At Pepper Sq we offer a number of unique room design concepts with quality and affordable furniture so you don’t need to compromise on these things.

Love that golden pineapple candle? Falling for millennial pink? These trends look wonderful on the magazine pages and in the restaurants and hotels, we’re visiting. Introducing these at home though might be counterproductive as next year you might think about changing your home design again… Our top tip for interiors trends is to add them to your home through accessories or paint colours – which you can quickly change or mix with your other objects. This way you’ll satisfy your creativity while retaining versatile and timeless interiors.


Relying heavily only on ceiling lighting at home will create well-lit yet dull spaces, which will feel more like furniture showrooms rather than home. While functional ceiling lighting is useful, the real ambience comes from the carefully chosen wall, floor and table lamps, creating focus areas dependant on your use of the spaces.

Holding on to your past

We all have pieces of furniture and accessories which have moved houses with us multiple times, with some of them ending up in the loft only to move with us again. It’s time to reassess them – do they hold a sentimental value, are they investment pieces and most importantly – do you still like them, do they still work for you? It not, it’s time to say goodbye to these all friends.

Feeling inspired to start your decorating project? Browse our newest room designs or shop by product – spacemaking is simple at Pepper Sq.