In the recent blog post, you would have read about how to start your home decoration project. We thought we’ll make the spacemaking process even easier for you, by highlighting the first top 5 mistakes that often happen when designing interiors. These are the things to avoid:

Lack of planning

Decorating your home requires planning, just as much as going on holiday does. Rushing with decisions about your home brings a risk of creating interiors which don’t work – neither aesthetically nor functionally. Sounds familiar? Head over now to our 5 tips for starting your decorating project before it’s too late.

Too little space

We all have the pieces of furniture we dream about owning, but sometimes we have to compromise. Especially when we have limited space. Always prioritise choosing furniture which will fit comfortably in your interiors, give you plenty of room to use it. And that furniture you’ve dreamt about? Turn it into your inspiration and use it to inform the final design for your space.


While we’re big fans of colour-blocking and matching patterns, it’s very hard to get away with random combinations of chevrons, stripes, dots, animal prints – you name it. Before committing, create a Pinterest mood board of textures, patterns and colour you have in mind, play with different arrangements and assess if they work together.

It’s a match

Playing safe is another side of the coin – creating interiors in the tonal hues of one colour might be an easy choice, but the resulting interiors will seem bland and lacking in energy. Instead, if bright colours and patterns are not your thing, learn about layering – introducing a basic colour or style first and adding on to it with textures and a variety of materials. This adds depth and interest to your design.

Form over function

Remember, function comes first. It’s a common mistake to create interiors which look stunning but can’t quite be used to their potential. Think about how you will use your home and all of its spaces. If you have a family, think about all of the family members and what are the essential functions of your dining room and the living room, which areas you need to access with ease and how much room you need to use the spaces comfortably.

And what else you must stay away from when designing your home? Read on the remaining 5 top tips in our next blog post.