How can you achieve timelessness in your home? It's simplicity, minimalism, beauty, durability, quality and functionality.  Best styling tips - how to introduce timeless Scandi design into your home and create Christmas festive atmosphere.  

We teamed up with Katie Seidler @hello_haus  to discover her secret behind timeless interior design... She has been asked to create a living room  interior where she could easily curl up for Christmas.  

Katie's focus and passion is to make interior decisions easier for her clients. Bridging beauty and functionality is central to Katie's design projects and with her Scandic approach she evokes a sense of calmness and endless warmth.

" I know how busy life can be so my aim is to design homes that become tranquil, sanctuaries to unwind and relax in."

#Tip 1:  Balancing Colours

Katie recommends always follow the 60:30:10 rule , when you define the colour palettes for your interior concept.  60% is the main or base tone;  30%  is the accent or complimentary colour and 10% your highlight.  

Katie's approach is going  with a white as a base; while using tones of  beige as an accent colour, finally adding brass & gold furniture as highlights to emulate the light and elegant atmosphere inside.

" Keeping to a more simple colour palette means you can add to it over the years rather than re buying them over and over again. For me this is so key, being as sustainable as we can through selecting timeless pieces" - Katie Seidler.

Then there is a tone. Tone is what we mean by using different shades/depths of the same colour. If we take beige as an example you can add deeper, richer tones with lighter and paler options too. You are still keeping to that ratio I talked about but suddenly you have added lots more interest to the space. Use this with your decor too.

#Tip 2:  Textures

After colour, it gets more personal -  materials, fabrics and textures. If colours are leaning towards a monochromatic theme. Adding multiple textures is the best way to make the most of your home interior.

Think about layering your tree with paper, metal, wood and glass decorations to give it layers and bounce the light around. Katie Seidler

To add further continuity to your textures, choose furniture with diverse  finishes. From natural wood and loose linen to marble and brass, find what compliments your personality and your home.

Top Tip from Katie: your tableware doesn’t need to match...mix it up, select different tones, glazes and shapes to keep it fun and interesting to look at. It’s a great way of also elevating the look if you are keeping the colours muted.

Designed by  @Pepper Sq's interior design team.  Dining room interior "Blue Horse"

Tip #3: Greenery is a must

Your home is incomplete without greenery especially when adding a festive touch. As human beings we are part of nature and our homes should reflect that element. This way we avoid becoming synthetic and alienated. A home must be a haven of peace and mindfulness.

Using plants and other greenery is proven to reduce stress and sometimes that’s exactly what we need this time of year. You can let the foliage dry out which will still look great and when it’s time to move on, it can be composted down.

As it's very close to Christmas ... we would like to share a simple styling tips to infuse festive atmosphere in your living room...

Designed by  @Hello Haus Interiors.  Living room ready-to-buy interior "Soft Focus"

#Tip 4: Timeless Festive Touches

Christmas is always such a perfect opportunity to add beautiful decorations to your home, you can add lots of lights, colours and decorative objects but choosing a minimal approach while add a touch festive timelessness.

"There are so many beautiful options of foliage at this time of year from pine branches (you can ask your local tree supplier to give you the off cuts for free!), to eucalyptus and mimosa to name a few. These look amazing on a mantlepiece but if you don’t have that option think about creating a table centrepiece in a vase or adding small trimmings as place settings in your napkins. The best part about using natural materials for me is that it feels so calming and provides continuity with the rest of my home." Katie Seidler

Designed by  @Hello Haus Interiors.  Living room interior "Soft Focus"

Set the mood for the festive days  with glowing gold or brass accent furniture pieces. For a refined element, our gold furniture including exquisite coffee tables & side tables and console tables  make for a perfect fit.

As seen in our project with HELLO HAUS Interiors

The 3.5 seater linen sofa - Florence is both chic and comfortable with deep filled cushions and plenty of space to sit and relax in style as the sofa is upholstered in woven linen and completed with wooden legs in an bleached oak coloured finish.

Berlin bentwood chair with cane seat is the elegant bentwood classic after Thonet 209 Chair. That model was most popular among architects at the beginning of the last century. Le Corbusier was fascinated with it and used it in many of his buildings, for example, the Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart in 1927. According to him "this chair has nobility."

Swivel leather armchair in latte colour  - Ansel. Lean back and enjoy the comfort of our contemporary swivel Ansel leather armchair. A charming and classic design that simply provides a space to let the hours pass. Upholstered in exceptionally soft & warm to the touch quality aniline leather.

The black frame multi-bulb chandelier - Drop, 101 Copenhagen : inspired by Danish Modernism and the 1950s iconic and experimental approach to lamp design, the series is elegant and timeless, with some notes of industrialism.

A design take on the traditional banker's lamp the Dosh LED table lamp has an opal shade with matt gold brass base. A subtle, elegant design that creates a soft, diffused light with its opal glass shade. A beautiful light for a side table or desk.

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We are wishing you a wonderful festive season ! Pepper Sq.'s Team


Katie Seidler, creative director of Hello Haus Interiors, based in St Albans. Design has been part of her life since she was a child .

Her focus is to design timeless homes that evoke a sense of calm and are not led by trend.

"Our homes need to make our lives easier and less stressful so it’s important to get the balance right and have a space that flexes with us. I do this by drawing on Scandinavian principles of simplicity and warmth and by using lots of natural materials in my work. I know how busy life can be so my aim is to design homes that become tranquil, sanctuaries to unwind and relax in."

Design :  Hello Haus Interior.  Residential Project .

She  also run  “Finding Your Style” workshop in Harpenden and St Albans, where she teaches how to design a professional mood board to kick start a project on your own.  

If you are interested in services provided by Hello Haus Interiors, you can get in touch with Katie directly.  

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