It's no surprise that the cane bentwood combo takes our heart this season.  Rounded shapes and sinuous lines are known for giving a softer and more welcoming feel while caned surface allows light and air to flow through the furniture while casting fine patterned shade across the furnished space.

Seventies interior design have found their way back into the modern design world  and one of the biggest '70s item that's slated to return is definitely caned furniture. It's back again with a more stunningly modern forms and colours.  

It's no surprise that cane dining furniture has been popular for centuries. It oozes a history and takes you to a different place, somewhere tropical and exclusive — to your own little paradise.

Michael Thonet was the first one to pioneer the process of steam bending - heating  up the piece of solid beechwood to achieve desired curved shape for an elegant and lightweight pieces of furniture from one continuous piece of timber. Before that, to create a curve, carpenters had to cut and carve wood. The chairs were popularly used by cafes and bistros across Europe. Today, the iconic Thonet chairs are simply known as “classic bentwood chair”.

Production process in the original Thonet Factory.

Meanwhile, cane is having somewhat a revival moment too. This lightweight and aesthetically pleasing material is being used in furniture elements, home accessories and even can be seen in current fashion shows. To top that, cane is a sustainable and durable alternative to the traditional use of wood.

The actual cane material  comes from the rattan stalk - a vine that belongs to the palm tree family. Caning can often be mistaken with wicker work, when caning is a specific technique of applying rattan cane (peel) to seat or backs and of chairs.

If you’re looking to invest in a lovely piece of caned furniture – or maybe an entire collection for your house this season, look no further. We are sure these pieces will become classics coveted 50 years from now.

"Airy" - Ready-to-buy dining room set. Designed by Pepper Sq in-house team.

Pepper Sq. brings Thonet heritage online, with cane bentwood and a new contemporary furniture range from FAMEG.

Fameg caters to the contemporary consumer with its designer collaborations, bright colours and new forms, while the company retains Thonet heritage expert skills and technology when it comes to bentwood furniture production.

1. Lean Lounge Chair; 2. Madrid Cane Armchair; 3. Berlin Armchair; 4. Robin Rocking Chair

Meet best dining furniture from the Classic Cane Bentwood Collection.