There’s more to mirrors than just a way to look at your reflection – as well as being functional, they can be decorative, space-enhancing, even a way to fool the eye. Here are some ideas for using mirrors to best effect.

Reflect your personality

Mirrors come in every shape, size and finish, so find an eye-catching piece that says something about your individual style. Choose an ornate, gilt-framed design for a hint of decadence, or go for a minimal, angular shape for contemporary cool. A large round mirror is a classic look and works well above a square fireplace, or group together a cluster of smaller mirrors – odd numbers work best.

Maximise your space

If your room is on the small side, a large wall mirror can instantly make it appear bigger. As well as bouncing more light around the room, it will seem to stretch the proportions of your space, adding depth and ‘opening up’ the room. Remember though, that the mirror has to be reflecting something, such as a painting, bookshelves or window – if it’s opposite a blank wall, the effect will be lost.

Make it a work of art

Some mirrors can be used to create a trompe l’oeil effect – an artistic device that tricks the eye into seeing something that isn’t really there. Traditionally, trompe l’oeil are painted on walls – for example, a mural of a distant landscape – but a window-shaped mirror can be used to give the illusion of gazing at the world outside. Window mirrors are made up of individual panes and work brilliantly when opposite real windows to the garden, reflecting foliage and flowers.

Blend form and function

Ultimately, mirrors do also have a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Our console mirror is a versatile piece that combines a full-length mirror with a handy shelf and drawer – perfect for a hallway, allowing you to check your appearance and stow away clutter, all in one contemporary design. Or for a bathroom, switch that plain, mirrored cabinet for a chic wood-framed style and matching shelf below for toiletries.

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