It is hard to imagine, nowadays, that the modern furniture from our everyday life could have been designed in 19th century.

Today, Fameg is one of the largest bentwood furniture manufacturers in Europe.

Fameg was the fourth Thonet Family factory specializing in iconic chairs, nontheless Fameg’s furniture retains Thonet’s heritage when it comes to the production and expert skills applied to the creation of steam-bent furniture.

Historically, the production process of Thonet furniture had it’s own techniques and unique principles: the key behind the designs was to manufacture as many models as possible using as few different parts as possible.

Michael Thonet pioneered the process of steam heating the piece of solid beechwood to make a frame for a chair. To create a curve, carpenters had to cut and carve wood, so the process created by Thonet was grounbreaking as it allowed the creation of a chair back made of one continuous and curved piece of timber. This process created an elegant, lightweight and easy to assemble chair that brought fame to the Thonet Brothers made them produce 30 million chairs over the period of 70 years starting 1859.

The pieces were packaged separately to make the shipping easier and then assembled by the distributers on the spot. That way Thonet production productivity was increased from 10,000 chairs/year to 1,810,000 (comparing years 1857 to 1913). Just think about these numbers back in the day?

Pablo Picasso in his studio, with the Rocking Chair Spotted in the back. 

Historically, Thonet chairs were loved by the great creatives such as Pablo Picasso, Lisa Minnelli, Albert Einstein, Johannes Brahms, and the company caters for the contemporary consumer with its designer collaborations, bright colours and new forms.

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