Between modern sconces and art-forward vintage chandeliers that look great on or off, there are countless options for lighting up our homes this autumn.  Light your home whilst doing good with eco-friendly sustainable lights collection – that can be found at

There’s an increasing awareness in having natural and sustainable pieces in interiors. Materials such as natural cork or cane rattan or even recycled cardboard will highlight the interior design trends 2022 season.

Cane Rattan Lights

Eye-catching striking rattan cane lampshades will add a bit of sunshine into your home.  It can look stunning when used together in various shapes and forms.

Mix with big, lush green plants and different shades of terracotta and burnt orange accenting accessories to complete the look.

Modern rattan lampshade pendants - Pam  that is creatively throws a lighting effect on the wall from the small holes. Ideal for accent lighting in your bedroom or living room interior.

Pendants and Floor Lamps made from portuguese natural cork

Portuguese natural cork  is wonderfully sustainable and biodegradable, cork is an exceptional natural material.  You can create dramatic effect in your interior space with the oversized pendant lights or floor lamps.

The organic warmth of wood and cotton are echoed in the dynamic Rossi floor standing lamp from natural cork.

Eco-friendly lights handcrafted from recycled cardboards

A new collection lights handcrafted from recycled cardboard, provides warm, intimate, and functional lighting for any occasion or space.

The Bell pendant lights are part of a series of bestselling models, Scraplights Classic Series.

Tough and elegant, each is precision cut with a laser and assembled by hand using non-toxic adhesive, all lights are treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. The clean, modern glow always imagined.

The new additions Hive pendant lights is inspired by you guessed it - wasps and bees. Their shapes are tilted, which not only creates a different light perspective, but also a new perspective on the original Scraplights shapes.

The material can be seen from a whole new point of view and therefore offer a new presence to any quirky interior.

The Moon pendant lights is part of Classic Series. Responsible design and sustainable production methods by Scraplights create natural, modern light fittings suitable for any space.

Tilt table and floor lamps with recycled cardboard shades makes  the perfect warm accent for that lonely table, dark corner, or blank space.

Light your home whilst doing good with an eco-friendly lights collection – that can be found at  

Discover the stylish collection of pendant lights, wall lights and table lamps, combined eco-friendly tactile materials with eye-catching design.