Sustainability, being such a huge topic in the recent years, started moving slowly into interior industry too. Do you want to know more about how to  create sustainable design and what materials to include in your next interior design project?

Many people have been slowly re-evaluating different aspects of their everyday life and  making small changes for the better. Small things like replacing their take away coffee paper cups with reusable, restraining from using straws and avoiding printed versions of documents that can be read on a tablet or a phone.

Sustainable interior design, however, is about creating interior environments using design principles focusing on protecting our planet from quick burnout. The main purpose is to be considerate towards environment by reducing energy consumption, pollution and waste.

At Pepper Sq. we always have our planet's best in mind, by reducing the carbon imprint, using sustainable packaging and looking for suppliers as much as possible who are on the same page with us about sustainability.

We have spoken to one of our most sustainable-minded partners, Klaus Jorlet - CEO and Founder of Danish furniture producer We Do Wood about his ideas on sustainability and how his furniture is helping the world.

We Do Wood was founded in Copenhagen in 2011, based on the vision that new Danish design and strict sustainability principles should go hand in hand. We Do Wood introduced a collection of furniture made from bamboo.

Why bamboo? What are the unique qualities of this material? Klaus has explained  that bamboo is a new dimension in modern design is about environmental protection in its widest sense. For us it begins with the material, bamboo, which recirculates far more CO2 than Nordic types of wood, which have traditionally been used in Danish furniture.  It takes only 4 years to harvest, compare to 40-80 years to harvest oak, teak or beech.

Company's DNA is not only to use a sustainable material but to think how to act more responsible. We Do Wood only works with a manufacture that is FCS certified, does not use any lacquer etc. The company is planning to work more and more with upcycling products like leftovers from wooden manufacturing, plastic from the ocean etc. in the future!

Hagen Folding Desk with Brass Features (£699) - A desk designed for style and convenience the Hagen fold-away desk exudes Scandinavian aesthetic. The desk folds flat making it perfect for a pop up office.

To tackle sustainability throughout their production process We Do Wood's ambition is to always seek the better alternative. When possible, only the formaldehyde-free glue is used, water-based paint or even avoid paint altogether by implementing other techniques such as carbonation and oxidation, then the extra effort made to do just that. And as for bamboo, it outperforms any woody material on every sustainability parameter there is, so there really is no better choice that comes to mind.

Tilde Loop Shelf  (£135) - The Tilde loop shelf is minimalistic Scandinavian shelving with beautiful brass mounting made from sustainable bamboo with either black or brass finishing.

At We Do Wood, the team is committed to raise the bar on all sustainability parameters they work with. That is why the materials are only sourced from FSC certified suppliers. And in close partnership with manufacturing partners they optimise the use of raw materials to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Louis Shoe Rack £155 - Minimalistic Scandinavian style shoe rack, perfect for showing off your footwear. The Louis shoe rack is made from sustainable bamboo available in either brass or black brass finish. Designed and crafted in Denmark.

What are the key principles in sustainable design? Furniture design must be high quality and knock-down when possible, meaning that the final assembly is done by the consumer at home. This principle is important for three reasons:

  • High quality furniture will extend the product life cycle;
  • Reduce use of packaging material and CO2 emission during transportation;
  • All parts can be disassembled after end of life and follow the waste sorting approach of cradle-to-cradle design.

Other sustainable materials that are widely used in the interiors include the likes of cork, reclaimed wood, terrazzo, sisal and jute.

Cane: The plant used for rattan furniture grows naturally without interrupting the present structure and balance of the rainforest. In addition, rattan cleans the air by converting CO2 into clean air. Rattan is an exceptionally sustainable wood, being the quickest developing tropical wood that renews in only 5 - 7 years.

  1. Rhone Pendant Light (£259) - Create dramatic effect in your interior space with the natural elements of Portuguese large cork pendant lamps.
  2. Sonoma Pendant (£769) - Create dramatic effect in your interior space with the natural elements oversized cork pendant lamps.
  3. Bois Table Lamp (£599) - The Bois table lamp adds an organic dimension to an entry table.
  4. Trento Transforming Coffee to Dining Table 160/200cm with reclaimed oak top (£2459) - The Trento transforms from a small coffee table into a larger dining table 200cm. Metal frame, gas lifting mechanism.
  5. Eivissa Round Jute Rug 160x160cm (£139) - Braided circle shaped jute rug made with natural fibres. The Eivissa rug's earthy elements of colour accent the centre of the rug or opt for au naturel.
  6. Manila Sisal Runner 68x300cm (£109) - Style your floor with the naturally resilient stain-resistant sisal rug. Combining understand craftsmanship and a practical anti-slip backing the Manila rug is as decorative as it is useful. Match the cotton border to your current decor. Six sizes are available.

Terrazzo: A composite material of marble chippings set into cement, terrazzo originated in 16th-century Italy as a way to reuse stone offcuts. It is either poured in situ by hand or precast into blocks that can be cut to size. You can also buy it as ready-made tiles, easy to apply straight to floors and walls for decor finishes.

Reclaimed wood is gaining more and more importance in furniture, products, construction and interiors, for DIY as well as commercial enterprises. Old buildings, barns, wooden decks, old furniture, boats or wooden crates are common sources of wood for product design.

  1. Madrid Cane Back Chair with Upolstered Seat, 2 Pieces (£499) - Paying homage to the original 1920's chair designs by Michael Thonet, the model features a hand-woven cane back with a grey wool upholstered seat. The chair is also available as an armchair with comfortable armrests.
  2. Lucien Cane Dining Chair, 2 Pieces (£449) - A classic bistro cafe chair that you will find throughout Europe in many a cafe or brasserie, the Lucien bentwood chair is timeless with it's decorative, handwoven cane back & seat and simple detail to the chair legs. The chair is also available as an armchair with swirled armrests.
  3. Feu Table Lamp in Re-Claimed Wood (£469) - Natural elements are brought into the home with teak driftwood sculpture lamps. The Feu table lamp adds an organic dimension to an entry table.
  4. Levante Convertible Coffee - Dining Table, Reclaimed Oak Top (£2399) - The Levante is the coffee table and the extendable dining table same time.   Top from old reclaimed solid oak wood,  has a rustic finish contrasting with a contemporary metal base.
  5. Jessy Jute Rug 120X180 cm (£169) - Jessy is a thick, plain hand woven jute rugs in two natural shades. Japanese culture influenced the design, simplicity, natural materials, re-connection with nature. Hand woven. 100% Jute. Made in India.
  6. Aiko Jute Soumak Rug, 120x170cm (£199) - Rustic hand woven jute soumak rugs in 6 gorgeous tones. Soumak is a type of flat weave, somewhat resembling but stronger and thicker than kilim, with a smooth front face and a ragged back, where kilim is smooth both sides.
  7. Jessy Jute Rug 120X180 cm (£169) - Jessy is a thick, plain hand woven jute rugs in two natural shades. Japanese culture influenced the design, simplisity, natural materials, re-connection with nature. Hand woven. 100% Jute. Made in India.
  8. Foret Deux Floor Lamp (£669) - Natural elements are brought into the home with the Foret teak driftwood sculpture lamps. Creatively place the Foret floor lamp as a room divider or screen for the bedroom.

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