There's no such thing as too much storage space! Not all of us are lucky to have a surplus of closet space or strategic built-in cabinets... so our team at Pepper Sq have come up with easy storage solutions to organise your living space - whether it be your home office, living room or bedroom...

Detox your home by adding functional yet stylish storage furniture. No mess, no stress!

Stepping into spring, it's s time to immerse yourself in new beginnings, a fresh start with new decisions. Creating an efficient and appealing space, will impact your wellbeing and progress day after day.  So, we would like to guide you through our Spring Collection 2023, to bring the best, stylish and functional space within the comfort of your surroundings.

How do we Detox Space?

Does your space define you? or Do you define your space?

It’s important to Re-flect and identify the functions of your life before you start to Re-think & Re-adjust your space. Only then can you successfully Re-invent and Re-frame your everyday routine actions and Re-discover new possibilities in order to make the most of your surroundings.

Selecting furniture especially in our living rooms, we are drawn to stylish pieces that harmonise the aesthetics of our room, but we tend to forget about storage possibilities.  

With our latest additions to coffee and side table collection you  can design the room without compromising on your storage needs.

Arc Side Table + Storage 42mm

This minimalist multipurpose Arc Side Tables exhibits Danish Design ethos which is aesthetically modern and pleasing whilst maintaining its ultimate functionality.

A practical storage solution for your living room, bedroom, office, you decide! Its rotatable lid allows infinite Re-adjustment options suited for your bespoke needs.

Designed for the perfect morning awake or afternoon read, this side table will hold your favourite books without compromising space for your indulging cup of coffee...

Bo Oak Bench with Storage

Declutter your surfaces and clear your mind of all the distractions, the small or large oak Bo bench caters and adapts to any space of your choosing.

This Re-discovered Scandinavian classic invites you to take a seat whilst efficiently stowing away your essentials. An element of timelessness, the Bo Bench harmonises the comforts of your past along with the sleekness of your future. Its seamlessness speaks for itself, simplicity at its finest.

The incorporated storage and modular capabilities allow you to combine with other modules simply using a link connector. Made from certified reclaimed oak. Designed and crafted in Denmark.

Hagen Folding Desk & Oj Natural Bookcase

Hand crafted from sustainable oak complemented with fine brass details, the Hagen Folding Desk pushes & challenges the boundaries of design. The key design concept behind this modern desk has been style and convenience.

A perfect addition to your home office, regardless of the spaces available to you, this desk has the ability to easily fold flat and saves tremendous space while adapting to your daily needs. A desk that will be enjoyed for years to come. Watch product video HERE.

Re-inventing a traditional bookcase, the Oj Natural Bookcase offers a modern storage system offers a myriad of shelving combinations for the modern home.  It is a wall-mounted shelving system with three removable units.

The Oj Bookcase layout can be Re-configured  from time-to-time catering to your desires while evoking a sense of modernity and peace in your space.

Virka High Sideboard & Virka Low Sideboard

Adding lightness and brightness to your living space provides new decorative possibilities. Our Danish designed Virka sideboards aim to do just that by mimicking a fresh canvas to cater to endless interior styling.

Its sense of minimalism invites you to Re-invent with great flexibility. In addition, our Vikra range has incorporated the sliding element perfectly, we recommend that you leave one of the doors slightly open to showcase some of your best selected accents and pieces. Achieve that interior magazine look dream in the comfort of your own home...

We tend to forget and ignore some of our possessions when we keep them hidden in different places. We encourage you to be playful with your space, your space must inspire you just as much it reflects your identity.

The High Virka Sideboard is an elegant yet timeless addition to the space of your choosing. The black horizontal lines on one of its sliding doors creates a smart illusion, giving a perception of four drawers and turning thus sliding door into a work of art.

The lines complimenting the metal frame base, gives a light feel, almost elevated from the floor.

The Low Virka Sideboard is also an interesting piece as it offers multiple functions, seamlessly integrating into your living space. Its clean yet simple expression will never take up unnecessary space.

Going hand in hand with the High Sideboard, we believe the two are a fantastic duo and will create a great contrast with the darker elements of your space.

Elevate Shelving System

As all hallways require a some form of temporary storage capacity, we believe the Elevate system would integrate to your everyday life in the most seamless of ways.

Elevate is a versatile and modular shelving system perfectly suitable for hallways or living rooms. it comes with different shelves and dowels which are easily assembled without the use of tools.

With its simplicity and versatility, Elevate is a great addition to your home whilst compatible with both personal and professional spaces. Use it for boxes, office supplies, works of art or plants. You decide.

Discover our collection of hallway storage units HERE

Tilde Shelf

Space saving could never be any easier with the Tilde shelf. It is a minimalistic Scandinavian classic made from sustainable and FSC certified smoked oak.

This is the perfect storage solution for placing your exquisite sets of plates or possibly your favourite book selection. Its mounting systems come either in black or brass finishing with a flexible modular system which offers infinite possibilities to shelve in any desired orientation. Be as unique as yourself!

At Pepper Sq we believe that furniture is more than just stylish utility; it’s the instrument of life. Each furniture piece holds a story to tell either to you or about you! Hence why choosing furniture is identical to creating a lifestyle.

Reflect on yourself as an individual or collective and let us show you what your space can do for you!