Discover a new way of living with the innovative collection of transforming furniture – a smart solution to use available square meters of your flat or house effectively. If you think you need to decide on whether you can have an office or a bedroom, with the right transformable pieces, you do not in fact have to choose one over the other.

Today’s living space is more condensed and often multifunctional. Sometimes you just have to make better use of your living space and feel like you have more room – even if you don’t!

Pepper Sq. is delighted to introduce a new furniture collection of table-transformers – a smart solution to use the available square meters in an apartment or house effectively. The collection of transforming furniture includes practical yet stylish pieces that will perfectly go with both classic and modern  interior designs.

Fusion table-beds combine longevity, comfortable sleeping experience, beautiful design and ease of use.

Home Office to Guest Room

The need for a dedicated workspace at home has increased. You might want to upgrade your workstation to something more ergonomic and comfortable - Fusion Desk turns into a single bed in 10 seconds.

The patented safe and easy mechanism allows a single person to smoothly open or close it.

From Dinner Party to Sweet Dreams

With an innovative patented mechanism, the Fusion Bed - Dining Table (seating 6-8 people) can easily be turned into a double bed or vice versa.

The waterproof sealing strip keeps the bed dry even if something is spilt on the table.  The mechanism hides the linens inside the table, so there is no need for extra storage.

Desk to Dinner

Convertible console tables top this list offering precisely what is needed for different circumstances. The Flap console desk transforms into a dining table for two in seconds. And in case two more guests arrive, a few more seconds is all you need to set them a place.

Coffee Date to Dinner Party

Table for two or six or even ten? Sometimes more is more!  Ingeniously, the Levante coffee table converts into a spacious dining table for when you need that extra dining space.

Alternative option, the Barbican Table transforms from a small coffee table into a full extending dining table. This coffee table is a visual focal point for the greater part of the day.

But come dinner time, it transforms to reveal a handy secret. It rises to dining table level and sits pretty as you set places. Depending on the people present it can be expanded to seat up to ten.

Discover full collection of hand-picked designer furniture that will transform itself and the space, suitable for any area of your home, from the living room to the hallway. Compact sofas, coffee tables transforming to dining tables, console tables convertible into dining tables, folding up desks and more... at Pepper Sq.

Create the home of your dreams without compromise on style or comfort with Pepper Sq.