This year the biggest interior design obsession is Retro, but tastefully implementing retro style into a living space is a task worthy of only the most professional and experienced designers who aren't afraid of a challenge. The good news is, when executed with care and imagination, it can lead to the most wonderful and timeless results.

We teamed up with Charlie and Amelie - the talented designers of Topology Interiors who bravely took on the task of creating a dining room in a retro inspired style. This isn't our first collaboration, so we knew that we were dealing with the utmost professionals here. See for yourself how they designed a cosy Tranquil Moment living room and an elegantly chic Easeful Bliss bedroom in Parisian style using products from our catalogue.

A dining room is a very versatile and important space in any household where all the magical family dinners, culinary experiments and lazy Sunday morning breakfasts happen, so it was important for the designers to come up with a practical yet cosy design that will warm the hearts of many. The girls have tastefully incorporated various furniture options and accessories adding a 70s twist to the dining space.

The 70s

For some the 70s are the nostalgic childhood years, for others - the prime time of their youth and for many - an abstract time in history that they haven't even witnessed, yet we're all familiar with the iconic bellbottoms, tie dye T-shirts, corduroy jackets and many other vibrant fashion trends.

The same goes for interiors, where the 70s style was characterised by the back-to-nature movement influenced by the hippie culture of the previous decade. So, opting for high-quality functional and efficient objects that will last you a lifetime, as well as steering away from cluttering consumerism, are the key characteristics of that era and that have transitioned into the 21st century too.

It was all about creating a welcoming and comfortable environment by filling homes with handmade goods, using soft materials and lighting fire places for a more intimate and warming atmosphere.


Topology designers Charlie and Amelie took on the challenging task with enthusiasm:

"What we love about a contemporary interior with a retro twist is that they work so well in tango with one another. In our eyes injecting vintage-style touches can be the cherry on top for a contemporary design."

They outlined a few key tips for incorporating retro interior design style in a modern way:

The entire room consists of soft lines and angles, what allows the retro to effortlessly blend in with the modern touches without any of the styles overpowering one another, thus creating a perfect canvas for little accents like statement lighting.

The designers opted for brass wall lighting that acts as a contrasting design element during the day and creates a soft glow in the evening when it is turned on. Topology team  wasn't afraid of mixing and matching various textures and colours to add depth and dimension to the space.


No space is complete without the finishing touches which can set the right mood, add comfort and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Tactile details like the velvet fabric in a terracotta shade radiates a nostalgic retro feel. When layered with light cream-coloured cushions, it creates a fresh and slightly modernised contrast that is only complemented by the dark wooden details of the bentwood chairs.

Adding green plant as an accent point is another nice way to lighten up the space and add some life to the common area, a perfect homage to the 70s.

Ethereal Illusion Dining Room

Featured Products from

  1. The sleek and stylishly smooth Blade Table is finished with a high quality oak wood tabletop sat on a solid weightless frame, it adds class and sophistication to any dining area.
  2. Statement lighting is an essential design part that ties the room together, the Patron Gold Disc Wall Light effortlessly adds charm and a decorative element to the dining space.
  3. An essential part of any dining area, the art nouveau style Madrid Cane Dining Chairs are an elegant addition to the space with their lightweight handwoven cane finishings and the contrasting dark bentwood details.
  4. A perfect and minimal storage solution Tray Metal Shelf Console Table is a beautiful and sophisticated touch that creates a perfect  transition from the dining room into a living space.
  5. A pop of new, modern and asymmetrical, the Bronsgrove Globe Ceiling Light perfectly ties together the retro feels with minimalistic trends of the current century.
  6. Uno Table Lamp is an ode to the classics, a warm and timeless throwback to the 70s.

The result is a perfect

"Vision of a retro, inviting, understated dining space with clean lines and added warmth." - interior designers Charlie Morrison and  Amelie Pellerin

Designer Charlie Morrison

We couldn't agree more and if you're a fan of the modern retro design as well,  we're inviting you to browse our dining room furniture for more inspiration. Explore our collection of Scandinavian style dining tables, luxury extendable dining tables, bentwood cane dining chairs and more at

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