In the anticipation of Valentine's Day we have asked our team members to choose their favourite pieces of furniture and decor accessories, and here's what they have all picked.

Oxana, CEO and Co-Founder

Chief Dreamer: A creator of brands, new markets and concepts.  Corporate career junkie, built, scaled and transformed businesses. 10 year expertise in procurement and marketing complements by to 10 years corporate strategy and business development.

Oxana's Choice has fallen onto:

  1. Shasta – Transforming Dining Table has an innovating winning design, the result of the skilful hand of the architect Toshiyuki Yoshino.
  2. Malibu console/ dressing table for it's elegant design and versatile use, could be used in the hallway or in your bedroom with an addition of a mirror.
  3. Vaquero Cowhide Rug 160x230cm - This patchwork cow skin rug is my favourite from our carpet selection for it's geometry and adding artisanal touch to the living room.
  4. Berlin Armchair - This bentwood armchair is a great example of traditional craftsmanship translated into the modern design.
  5. Nopp Dining Chair - I adore the tonal interiors and how versitile this armchair is. It could be used in the dining area, as a home office chair or in the hallway. Any other ideas for it's placement?
  6. Janson Sofa - Organic leg shape and soft corners for creating a cosy living room, just looking at it makes me want to sink into it's pillows with a blanket and a book. Or is it just February talking?
  7. Bruno table lamp is confident on it's own with the wooden leg base and a classic shape, perfect as an accent lighting or a reading desk light.

Katya, Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Growth Ninja: The company soul and intuition.  A serial entrepreneur,  who started the first venture at age of 26. Detecting opportunities where other see challenges. Native to digital environment, and to rapid growth.

Katya has her eyes on:

  1. Hugo 3 seater Sofa-bed in Linen - This Mid-Century Modern sofa-bed is simply everyone's favourite, you can't blame me for jumping the band-wagon.
  2. Ulla Coffee Table Converting into Dining Table 120/140cm - Coffee table-turn-dining table for a smaller apartment. Need I say more?
  3. Armchair in Natural Linen - Just your classic French-style armchair that will make you feel like you are in Provence when you look at it. Just add a vase full of lavender and a glass of Chardonnay for the full effect.
  4. Array Highboard in Natural Wood - Clean lines and simplicity of this highboard calls for a Scandinavian interior, but also would work wonderfully with a more complex interior style.
  5. Foret Deux Floor Lamp / Room Divider - Is it a sculpture? Is it a room divider? It is a floor light that can do both: fill the room with the soft light and separate the spaces in a creative way.
  6. Conservatory Window-Pane Mirror - Anything that can visually expand the space is a winner in my eyes. This striking industrial style mirror set in a metal frame is a great accessory for classic interiors or lofty environment.
  7. Fabriano Rug 160x230cm Pearl - Abstract rug could save any space and give it the needed cosyness without distracting from the furniture.

Brandy,  Partnership Manager

Connection Whizz: Scouting and bringing new brands on board, curating new collections and coming up with ways to celebrate team's success come to Brandy without a sweat.

When it comes to her favourites, she knows the right pieces:

  1. Ozzy 2 Drawer Bedside Table - A favourite of mine, that can be used as a bedside table or a side table with a perfect amount of storage. Cannot decide if I prefer the light or the dark wood version better.
  2. Madrid Cane Back & Seat chairs in Black / Rattan - Just love a modern take on a classic Viennese cafe chair.
  3. Atlas Berber Style Rug - This hand-knotted wool rug won my heart with it's authentic feel.
  4. Claridge Sofa Bed - It just looks like an extremely cosy sofa, leaving your guests with no idea that it turns into an extremely comfortable pull-out bed.
  5. Hagen Folding Desk - What won my heart was the sustainable and ergonomic design of this folding desk made of bamboo.
  6. Seurat Floor Lamp - Beautiful and large floor lamp with it's marble foot base will bring ambience to any room, while becoming the dominant accessory of the room.
  7. Single-Bed Armchair - Another hidden gem - pull-out single bed armchair, and I am there for that! Lifesaver for a good host.

Jayesh, Digital Paid Marketing

Digital Marketing Guru:  impossible’ does not exist in his vocabulary . Jayesh is our  data magician, who knows the digital  attraction secret.  Unstoppable in shaping advertising tactics to bring new customers.

His picks are :

  1. Hugo 3 Seater Velvet Sofa-Bed, Turquoise - so functional, and so beautiful mid-century modern masterpiece.  Great sofa-bed for your home office or guest room, with easy to use click-clack mechanism. And now available in beautiful trendy turquoise colour.
  2. Bloomsbury Velvet Armchair & Footstool, Bordeaux - a combination of modern and timeless mid-century style. Just grab it if you want to create a perfect reading corner. Sink in and enjoy your favourite book.
  3. Tribeca Cement-effect Transforming Coffee To Dining Table 93/186cm - I love gadgets and tech advancement. You can not get it wrong with the Tribeca coffee table converting to a dining table with cement effect top. Great sample of urban tech chic.
  4. Fusion Table Transforming to Double Bed, Black - I with love with our new collection of innovative Fusion table-transformers. Modern, minimal, and most importantly - comfortable. Perfect solution to maximize the use of your living space.
  5. Hagen Folding Desk 95cm, Oak  - An ideal desk where space is limited that will be enjoyed for years to come.  
  6. Verde Marble Top Coffee Table, Brown - love that urban yet sophisticated look.

Sara, Customer Service Representative

Miss Wonderful:  She understands your needs, and will help you all way through. You have not met Sara yet? Say hello via chat bot...

Sara fall in love with :

2. Dia Cane Two Door Sideboard 100cm, Wenge - the entire Dia collection is brilliant. Timeless, design piece of furniture I would love to have in my home.

3 Arc Window Pane Mirror, Grey - the arched window-shaped mirror is a simple way to add a sense of French chic to my home interior.

4 Notre Floor Lamp - when it comes to designer floor lamps it is minimalistic and all about modern, clean and sleek appearances as the look and feel of luxury is important. All that Norte Lamp offers .

5. Trento Oak Transforming Coffee to Dining Table 160/200cm - Great find if you have limited space. The mechanism is truly magical, - so easy to adjust height, even when tabletop  extended to the full length.

6 Madrid Cane Dining Chairs, 2 PCS, Black - Cane adds beautiful texture and luxury to any space. It's no wonder caned furniture has been popular for centuries. It oozes a history and takes you to a different place, somewhere tropical and exclusive — to your own little paradise.

Polina, Content Management Executive

Magic Content Fairy:  Our content guru, who swiftly transfers product info, image, and video files from one system to another. Polina knows about every single product more than anyone else…. and

She is secretly in love with:

  1. Madrid Dining Chair with Upholstered and Cane Back - Cane has been an obsession of mine since childhood, and since it became such a trend recently it is definitely my number one piece.
  2. Astrid Sofa in Linen - Cosy and casual, Astrid sofa is a perfect match for someone who enjoys spending time at home with a book or a favourite show, or hosting guests for game nights.
  3. Tamara Sofa in Velvet - Stylish and elegant, I've had my eyes on Tamara ever since it has arrive on our website. Love the metallic legs and the chunky structure.
  4. Totem Dining Table in Walnut Wood - Your perfect dining table, but with a quirk. It's distinguishing legs spice up your classic family dining table.
  5. Soho Coat Rack with Drawers - Personal favourite that I could not decide if I would leave it in the hallway or put it as an additional open clothing rack in the bedroom. Sleek design and the little coin holder has my heart.
  6. Lounge Retro Chrome Floor Lamp - Perfect reading lamp for a big sofa.
  7. Verde Coffee Table with Marble Top - Stylish coffee table with enough surface space for mugs and glasses and showing off your "coffee table books".

See the rest of the collection here.

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