Start 2020 the right way with our New Year’s resolutions for the home.

The new year is upon us, bringing with it the feeling of a clean slate and a renewed optimism about the future. Maybe. Or maybe for you, it’s just same old, same old.

This is the time of year that a lot of people take stock of their lives and decide what they want to improve. They attempt to break bad habits and form new ones. Does it work? Results vary.

One of the latest inventions is not to call them New Year’s resolutions. Just keep it simple ... something like 'casual promises’. Whatever you decide to do, we’ve got some surprising, fresh ideas that will help you get there.

Have a fresh start.

The decorations have been packed away, you’ve finished the last load of chocolates and the kids are preparing to head back to school, it is time for a clean slate.

Organising and rearranging your main living areas can bring a lot calm after the storm that is the festive season. It’s much easier to stay focused on your goals when you feel in control and you aren’t distracted by a messy space. Once you’ve cleaned and decluttered, it could be time to introduce a new look and feel to some of your rooms. Changes like a vibrant new sofa, some new storage for the kids room or even new ceiling lights to brighten up your space, can dramatically change the overall feel of a space. Small changes can give your home a fresher look to help keep you motivated to keep those casual promises.

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Try something new or be more creative.

Traditionally, New Year’s resolutions often have us focussed on changing bad habits and things about ourselves that we don’t particularly like. Why not break the mould by using your main living areas to express your unique personality, and highlight the things that make you, you!

A great way to do this is by showing off the style that speaks to you, furniture or accessories with a splash of colour can brighten up a living room, especially if its on a focal point, such as a sofa, if you think it looks a bit tired looking and dreary, adding a few scatter cushions or a colourful throw can be the perfect solution for pulling together the elements of the room and have it looking fresh and more you!

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Get better sleep.

After all the holiday-infused food comas and numerous parties, new year seems like a perfect start for a better and healthier sleep. As well as following well known and researched steps, such as going more analog an hour before sleep, not drinking coffee past midday and eliminating any light, having a calming ambience in the bedroom as very important too.

  • Soft ambience light plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep, so set up your bedroom with nice bedside lights, cosy floor lamp or a good wall reading light.
  • Think of the bedside necessities, choose a bedside table that will meet your needs and help you hide the distracting items.
  • Choose the right mattress.
  • Decorate your bedroom so that seeing your bedroom last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning is always pleasing to your eyes and heart.
  • Make sure to always have a bedside reading prepared to switch your phone or tablet to a pre-sleep reading.

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Spend more time with the people that matter.

Whatever your beliefs are, we can all agree that the festive season is a time for giving and being with our loved ones. One thing that becomes very apparent when we grow up, gain responsibility and become parents, is that time is precious, and we should certainly be spending it with the people that matter.

What could be more enjoyable than a family dinner with your nearest and dearest, chatting about how much the festive season has cost and how spoilt the kids are? If you are going to do it, why not do it in style around one of our beautiful family sized dining tables.

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Be more organised

Tidy house, tidy mind, as the saying goes - and in the New Year, you can get rid of clutter for good in your main living spaces.

It’s true that keeping your living spaces clutter-free can be easier said than done, but the following steps can get you off to a winning start:

  • Make sure you remove unnecessary items, including books and excess decorations or furniture. This also includes items that shouldn’t really be in your main living spaces but have somehow ended up there. You could look in to some storage space to hide such items from view.
  • Try to use a mixture of open shelves and cabinets to add some personality to your main living spaces, whilst also storing away other items that might make the room look cluttered.
  • If you have a coffee table, make use of it. Keep the surface clutter free and neatly store some of the clutter in the storage compartments. If you do not have a coffee table, well the take a look at some of ours here.
  • Try and tackle your CD and DVD collection. In this digital age, you may still be in possession a plenty of CDs or DVDs for the sake of nostalgia, but removing them from their casing and buying a sleeve-case is a great way to reclaim space - or get rid of them all together, and stick to Netflix!

The New Year is the perfect time to create an organised and calming home atmosphere. You can simplify your life and reduce the daily stress you experience by putting in relatively minimal effort to de-clutter and organise your home. Remember that its actually been proven that clutter causes stress! Let your home be your sanctuary.

Start saving money

Budgeting and being more careful with personal finances are usually near the top of most people’s New Year’s resolutions. Your living room can help you save money too, particularly on your energy bill.

With just a few simple changes, you can reduce your heating costs for the winter. The following steps can make your living room feel more welcoming and more energy- efficient:

  • Buying thick curtains can make your living room cosier and stop the cold from creeping in through your windows.
  • Use a throw blanket. As well as being great when it comes to hygge, wrapping up on your sofa in a throw blanket instead of reaching for your thermostat is an excellent way to save money. They can also add colour and character to your sofa.
  • Introduce warm colours to your main living areas to create a positive and warm mood over drab and chilly neutral colours.

Can you keep your casual promises?

New Year’s resolutions are easier said than done, and studies have shown that as many as 65% of resolutions are broken. Will this year be different for you?

The New Year can be a great time to freshen things up, so use it as an opportunity to update, revamp and implement some overdue changes to your main living spaces to ensure a happy, healthy 2020.