Moving into a new home is a life experience that few people describe as "fun".   Buying furniture can be expensive, especially if you are buying new, so it is always good to shop around and do your research on the furniture your home most needs.

Whether you are buying a new home, moving residences, or simply looking to make your current living space more…livable, home furnishings are a necessity.

Some people prefer to have their house or living space thoroughly furnished while others prefer a more simple, uncluttered home with only the most necessary of furnishings.

Whatever your personal style, here is the five most essential furniture items to have in your home.

#Sofa or Sofa-Bed

The sofa is the heart of your home. This is where the family likes to relax together, this is where movie night happens with friends, even old fashioned game nights.

Sofas bring opportunities for all types of gatherings and investing in a good sofa is essential to any home.

Simple 1.0 room featuring the Hoxton Linen Corner Sofa Bed

Linen sofas are the pinnacle of comfort and premium relaxation. Keeping a natural colour palette allows you to stay felxible when matching and styling your home.

Olivia Linen 4 Seater Sofa

Add a touch of class with a classic yet modern chesterfield sofa in possibly in high quality velvet. Chesterfield sofa are just immaculate in velvet, instantly adding character to your space whilst maintaining superior comfort.

Valmont Velvet 3-Seater Sofa 

When choosing a sofa for your room think about size, colors and texture. We recommend to stick to a neutral color palette that you can then add pillows in your favorite accent colors. Neutral colour sofas can be treated as a blank canvas where you can decorate using throws and cushions making your living room space more unique.

#Dining Table

Dining Tables would be our next recommendation. Especially for larger families, a dining table is essential. Most of us use our dining tables at least twice a day. Using wood as the primary material can bring warmth and in turn calms the mind.

The White Haze Room featuring the 200m Unity Table and the Soft Leather Orson Dining Chair

Sometimes space can be limited for a large dining table so we recommend choosing a table that fits in your space whilst being able to expand to accommodate more seats just in case you have guests over for dinner.

Flap Transforming Console - Dining Table 150 cm 

Your space might be enough but for big family gatherings its important to consider a square or a round table so that you can make the most of the convivial energy and feelings.

Dakota Extendable Square Dining Table 160cm

#Dining Chairs

When it comes to Dining Chairs don’t just get a matching set. Sometimes it fun to create some form of variety.  Place captain chairs at both end of the table completely unique from the rest.

the Airy dining room featuring both Madrid Cane Dining Chair and Armchair

Each chair affects your emotions differently so choose something that brings a sense of home to your space.

#Comfy BED

If any piece of furniture in our home should reflect our style, it should be the bed.  Having good quality sleep goes hand in hand with quality living.

If you love a minimal yet elegant room, a sturdy and solid wood frame bed will help you reach that modern aesthetic. Having a seamless and distraction-free bedroom will help you sleep even better.

The Sakura Dreams bedroom featuring the Mod Super King Size Bed

Choosing a velvet or linen bed frame will help you achieve that classy and cozy look. A bed frame with classic lines and a padded headboard with professional stitching details creates a haven for relaxation.  A bed that is both comfortable and solid will serve your bedroom for many years to come.

Our Walking On Sunshine Bedroom Featuring the Super King Alma in Velvet

Its important to choose a the right bed size that brings a touch of joy and premium comfort to your bedroom. If you have spacious room - you can consider Emperor Beds or Super King Size Beds.

Marco Emperor Size Bed 

Double Beds or Sofa-beds work best with smaller spaces as they can either become good space saving solution for a guest room or the perfect fit for your small room.

#Coffee table

Making sure you have enough room for reasonably large Coffee Table or even a pair of coffee tables in different sizes is very important. A good coffee table should provide enough surface space for your decorations, mugs or books. It should be able to house your daily needs especially within the living room space.

Transforming space saving furniture – an easy solution to use available square meters of your flat or house effectively. The convertible and adjustable heights coffee tables transform into dining tables to maximize both the space and style of your interior.

These innovative furniture pieces also come in a range of styles but the majority is focused on stone and wood. Make sure you take note of all functionalities you will be needing to accomodate for. Then you can you make a more definitive decision.

Barbican Convertible Coffee - Dining Table

The material is also essential as it can make or break the style and mood of the living space.  The tables with marble top are extremely popular.  You can find many options available from natural marble or synthetic materials such ceramic or melamine with marble-effect.  The melamine or ceramic as matelais might be more practical, as both materials are heat-resistant and are easy to clean whilst keeping that luxury marble touch.

Our Barbican Convertible Coffee to Dining Table is suitable for limited space allowing it to be transformed into both an Office Desk or a Spacious Dining Table .

If your space is limited or has low ceilings with an industrial or modern aesthetic,  a low coffee table can help remove a any tightness that can be felt in the space. The style can vary depending on your choice but we recommend having subtle grey tones matching with any exposed elements like concrete or stone.

 Gia Pine-effect Transforming Coffee to Dining Table 104cm

Our Gia Transforming Coffee Table with grey pine effect top shouts modernity and brutalism. The Gia coffee table  easily disappears under a bed or sofa to gain more space in the room. When open Gia is a solid workstation or dining table.

Another option finding interconnecting coffee table pairs for example a walnut finish coffee table that can be best matched with more neutral colours and raw materials like stone or wood flooring.

Arc Coffee Table With Storage 66 cm & Arc Side Table With Storage 42cm

A coffee table does not always have made of wood or metal, an upholstered Footstool or Ottoman can also work just as well.

Ciao Round Velvet Ottoman 80cm

Sometime we want to stretch our legs and rest which is why the Ciao Round Velvet Ottoman is a fantastic choice. You can place a stone or metal tray for your tea or coffee some books or magazines store some Throws or Cushions and still have enough space to rest your feet.

If you have multiple sofas and not all can reach to the same table you can consider including small side tables just to store some of the recent books you have been reading some flowers or even your favorite mug.

Sentrum Side Table

Our Sentrum Collection is simple, modern and thoughtful whilst not taking too much of your living space.

The bottom line is that moving to a new home and making important decisions in a short period of time is extremely challenging.  The important thing is to decide on key furniture pieces that will define the entire style, and will be  cornerstones for your interior.  

Double check all room sizes before you make any purchase so that you don't have deal with the stress of returning if your new sofa or bed is too small or too big for your space.

A new home design is a process you should cherish and love. Asking some friends to help out and discussing some interior ideas is always blissful.