It's that time of the year when  blooms and leaves have sprung and birds and bees are busy. Reconnecting with Mother Nature after the colder months spent indoors is a time of rejoicing! Being outdoors is great and (so science says...) good for your body, brain and soul.

Are you and your outside space ready to thrill? Here are top FIVE tips from Pepper Sq. on how to make your outdoor space comfortable with style:

Social Seating

Are you more alfresco dining or cocktail lounging? For those who want others to 'Come Dine With Me' with outdoor table and chairs made of 100% durable acacia are rustic and cute for an outdoor picnic feel or for the lush sippin' life...

...two of the low profile Ray lounge chairs will set the mood - go for Balearic white and for the matching Ray lounge low table while you're there...

Sustainable Styling with Outdoor Soft Furnishing

Pull the social seating area together with our sustainable outdoor collection of cushions, rugs & throws. Blushing and cooling colours in modern designs add the finishing touch to making the space as comfortable as your living room. Add an oversized floor-cushion on a contrasting outdoor rug to create a nomadic feel.

And did we mention - all of the Hug Rug Woven range are so soft that you could not believe that they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Besides the sun shining... even more reasons to be happy!

Pepper Sq Picnic Throws Collection: 1. Trellis Throw 130 x 180cm £45; 2. Herringbone Throw 130 x 180cm £40; 3. Diamond Throw 130 x 180cm £40

Spruce Up the Planting Arrangements

Whether it's the new addition of a climbing jasmine to your patio or repotting the geraniums into colourful & decorative pots, plants can make your outdoor space refreshing with shades of green and revitalising scents. If time and space are limited, choose easy-care species that require little maintenance and will embrace careful neglect.

Spirited Ambiance

Now, for the final touches - when the sun goes down - a string of festoon bulb lights strung across a back fence or smaller twinkling lights twisted through the potted plants creates a festive mood, reminiscent of holidays spent in foreign plazas.

  1. 10 Squirrel Cage Bulb Ingenious Festoon Light Bundle £145; 2. 15 Drop Bulb Battery Festoon Lights £19.99; 3. 60 Warm White LED Connectable Festoon Lights £79.99

Add candles in protective hurricane holders and cut flowers as centrepieces to any table.  If the sun's still up - add a bright coloured sun parasol (ideally with tassels to feel you are somewhere exotic).

Spruce up your outdoor space with Pepper Sq's picnic accessories collection.