The new year has come and there is a refreshing sense of new beginnings and readjustments whiffing in the air. It's a perfect time to dive into the newest design trends of the interior world and get inspired for the whole of 2022.

Interior trend #1  CURVES AND SOFT LINES

After the challenging few years that we all had, no wonder why there is a collective desire to soften the edges and fill the home space (that often doubles as an office) with continuous lines, soft materials and round angles.

The hottest trend of the year though, is rounded soft-edge furniture that doesn’t have any sharp angles, like the Teo circular 2-seater sofa.

For those seeking a timeless option,  you might be interested in our chairs and armchairs from the Classic Bentwood Furniture Collection. It is a classic and durable choice that will serve you for years without going out of style.

Interior Trend #3 ORGANIC TEXTURES

Cancelled travel plans, lockdowns and safe distance requirements have pushed our lives inside a while ago, distancing us from nature for safety reasons. That’s why the desire to reconnect with nature is going to translate into our homes.

In 2022 designers are going to fill homes with natural fibres, undyed fabrics and ethically sourced materials. Soft upholstery is going to be especially big this year as it’s the epitome of cocooning and cosying up that we all crave these days. The aim is to create a safe calming environment with tactile soft to the touch pieces, so sofa organic materials like wool, cotton and linen are going to fill living rooms and bedroom spaces.

Tranquil Moment

The new word to add to your vocabulary this year is Biophilia – the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes. We want to be drawn towards nature, relate to it and to fill our homes with life to create a calming environment. In the new year we’ll see a lot of green and plant-like design solutions with the aim of bringing nature inside. There are several ways to explore this trend in 2022: indoor/outdoor living, wallpapers with natural motifs, soft lighting or creating a visual connection with nature.


Light is a symbol of life, hope and all the good in the world. This year these hopeful messages will take on the centre stage in the form of statement lighting.

Lights will be the new focal point in the living rooms, brightening up the spaces with an edge and style. Sleek, funky, yet elegant pieces from the Nordic Lights collection are a perfect choice for the task.

Artful sculptural chandeliers will be especially big this year, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere during the family dinners. Making a statement will not stop in the living room though, bold table lamps with sculptural motifs, interesting textures and unexpected finishes will draw attention even when the light is switched off.

Tangent table Lamp

While we’re gradually entering the spring season, the rooms will lighten up with pastel shades that have more of an uplifting effect: bright sky blues, lime wash and powder pink; tones that conveys hope, relaxation and tranquillity.

The blue and beige combo is going to look especially appealing because it is a very gradual way to add a touch of colour to a more neutral palette.

With the possibilities of travel still being questioned, the trend of brightening up the interior spaces with plant-inspired colours is firmly staying. Juicy green accents are going to freshen up the kitchens and living rooms in 2022.

Another successful colour pairing this new year is a mix of cold green hues with light greys, like green armchair in a cool-toned living room. These shades light up the space, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere, while perfectly complimenting each other.

The newest trend prediction is that our beloved classical neutrals will take a back row seat this year, making room for slightly brighter nature-inspired tones. Think cognac, coffee, bunt wood and caramel, balanced out by the fresh tranquil greens. Seems like very exciting energy-boosting combinations are on their way.

The desire to brighten up the interior spaces with plant-inspired colours is firmly staying. Juicy green or terracotta accents are going to freshen up many kitchens and living rooms. If you want to spruce up your space and are willing to go bold and make a colourful statement this year, don't limit yourself by just painting the walls, use something like dark wooden textures and copper finishes, that's a very creative way to add accents.

To sum this all up, earthy shades of brown, pastel hues with a positive vibe and fresh greens, these are the trendiest colourways that we are going to see a lot this year.

Interior Trend #4 SUSTAINABILITY

Along with the desire to soften interior spaces,  we will continue to see designers opting for ethically made and ecological materials, like this Drop Pendant lamp from the responsible design lighting collection that is produced from recycled scraps, giving a second life to no longer used items.

Drop Pendant Lamp

With the spring fast approaching to lift up our collective mood, we're hoping that you feel inspired for the whole year.

Here's to the many incredible new projects and interior design trends in 2022.  If you are eager to start straight away, our team at PEPPERSQ.COM is always ready to help!