With Christmas festivities around the corner, there is no more important space in your home than the dining room. You might be wondering how to create the merry atmosphere for your family and friends gatherings. Making every brunch, lunch and dinner unforgettable and stylish for your loved ones.

While New Year is for the new you, our homes deserve the same kind of attention too. Discover some key interior trends to brighten up your dining area.

Abstract Energy

This joyful and fresh trend is mainly inspired by the artworks of abstract impressionists with bold geometrics, blocks of colour and sketch-y lines. This style is a great way to add some personality and ambience to any room without being too distracting.

Bold patterns and punchy colours lend a more playful approach to styling a decor. As with the expressionist art movement this trend celebrates the imperfect and fluidity of hand-drawn forms – line drawings play a key focus within this look.

Make a statement in your dining room with a contrasting bright wall and some additional geometry in the carpet pattern.

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Structured Simplicity

Inspired by Nordic interior style that became so popular in 2019, the structured simplicity is a style that is aiming at creating a space to relax, with the warmer grey colour palette. This trend demands some texture in textiles and finishes and a touch of raw materials for the additional cosiness and Nordic sustainable feel.

Here is an idea from interior blogger Tiffany Grant on creating the Nordic-inspired dining space:

"With the topic of sustainability and the environment high on the agenda, many of us are looking inwards and homewards for comfort as an antidote to all the uncertainty. I wanted to create a welcoming, sophisticated and calming space with Nordic influences. Drawing on ‘Tranquil Dawn’, the Dulux 2020 colour of the year for its soothing influence as a new neutral, the scheme includes touches of pale green accessories against mid-grey lime washed walls and warm, parquet wood flooring."

Eclectic Glamour

Is it only us, or does the word "glamour" make you think of Gatsby-like parties and 1920's fashion too? When it comes to the modern take in the 2020 interiors, think grown up look, with gold-tones accessories, fluid shapes of furniture and bright accents, such as our Versaille cupboard for an example.

As for the colour palette, dark rich tones mixed with the warmer lighter secondary colours and a touch of gleaming gold/brushed brass/copper, whichever tone goes best with your hardware.

Eclectic Glamour is not just an interior update for 2020, it is a statement!


Dating back to way before modern offices and homes owners hoarding on potted greens, Biophilia simply translates to "human attraction to nature". Biophilia incorporates natural colours, textures and patterns into the interiors.  While the trend is indeed aesthetically pleasing, it includes improvement of the air quality in the home to reduce stress and blood pressure, as well as improve productivity and wellbeing with the natural elements.

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Add some colour in New Year.

This is where colour comes into the forefront. This trend allows you to be bold with colours, even with combinations – try burnished red with navy or mustard with mauve.

Coming up with a completely new colour system for your home can be, say the least, stressful, especially when going for the bolder colour choices (eeek!). Getting a colour wheel could be a real life changer when it comes to finding the complimentary colours that go together.

Professional colourists recommend narrowing down your colour palette to three colours. There is a main hue for the majority of the room, then the complimentary highlight colour, and a contrast that could be used in the accessories and upholstery around the space.

As an example, our designer used egg-shell blue and light grey as the two complimentary main colours, while adding a splash of burned orange shade in Spring Flair dining room.

Spring Flair ready-to-buy dining room interior. Full budget: £2990.80

If you are struggling at putting the colours together, look for your inspiration in art, fabrics and other visuals that please your colour senses to use as a moodboard.