If any piece of furniture in our home should reflect our style, it should be the bed.  Having good quality sleep goes hand in hand with quality living. Choosing the right bed is no easy task! We want to share a few hints that you need to know when you are getting a new bed.

Other than good quality sleeping, it is important to think beforehand of the functionality you need from the bed, such as extra storage, the size and your bedroom style


A bedroom resembles a sanctuary where you are simply you and rest in tranquility. Bed frames are essential elements to set the style of your room.

The choosing a velvet or linen bed frame will help you achieve that classy and cozy look.

  1. Luna Emperor Size Bed is slumber in luxury and comfort with our decadent velvet upholstered. Regal style is inspired by Hollywood's silver screen with jewel tones of plush Italian fabric with button detail and oak colour finish legs.
  2. Vivien Super King Size Bed  will play centre stage in your bedroom. The unique art deco-inspired bed meets expectations to perfectly fulfil your dreams. Vertical 'fluted' columns of soft-cushion make a statement headboard.
  3. Alma Super King Size Bed , inspired by mid-century designs,  is timeless and will fit any modern or retro style bedroom. The headboard is upholstered in luxuriant Italian velvet with vertical stitching and soft filling all at a perfect height making the headboard both decorative and functional for lounging or reading in bed.
  4. Ozzy Bedside Table, Walnut . Clean and classic lines are characteristic of the Ozzy side table and makes the piece versatile for use in the bedroom, living room or home study. Having a Scandi aesthetic means the table easily fits into modern or traditional interiors.

  1. Alex Super King Size Bed, Upholstered in Line is modern yet timeless and the perfect choice for those who appreciate classic elegance, comfort and functionality so typical of Scandinavian furniture.
  2. Logan Linen Emperor Size Bed combines Scandinavian style and comfort. Classic lines and padded headboard with professional stitching details creates a haven for relaxation. The bed is comfortable as well as very solid and stable which will serve your bedroom for many years to come.

If you love a minimal yet elegant room, a sturdy and  solid wood frame bed will help you reach that modern aesthetic. Having a seamless and distraction-free bedroom will help you sleep even better.

  1. Flou Emperor Bed, Walnut Wood Frame  The grained walnut wood bed frame adds to the minimalistic style of the design. Upholstered in soft Italian grey tweed.
  2. Mod Super King Size Bed, Natural Oak has a character inspired by mid-century designs and comes with solid wood structure dressed in soft tweed fabric
  3. Kurly King Size Bed,  Solid Wood Scandinavian style with a mid-century twist, the Kurly solid wood bed has a headboard upholstered in soft grey velvet fabric and a beautifully grained oak wood frame.


If space is limited, your bed can work as a key space saver with an integrated storage unit. This way you can arrange closet with seasons and use that extra storage to store away big coats and winter jackets when its spring or summer.

Or you might need extra bed when guest stay overnight. The sofa bed can be a good alternative.

  1. Claridge King Bed with Storage is harmoniously elegant with a generous shape inviting you to softly relax within its folds. A Rolls Royce of beds with plumped pillow headboard adding a decadent touch in your sanctuary. Lift the bed to find a spacious wooden storage area discreetly concealed underneath the mattress and easily accessed with smooth-action piston mechanisms
  2. Hugo 3 Seater Corduroy Sofa-bed combines mid-century modern style with subtle elegance.  Hand-made in Europe, built to last! An ideal solution for the small size room. Easy to fold out sofa-bed with click-clack mechanism.
  3. Hoxton Linen Corner Sofa-Bed is a very comfortable, spacious corner sofa with deep seating and wide elbow rests with a sofa bed. Upholstered in quality Italian linen with elegant, decorative detailed stitching on the edges.


ALWAYS compare the sizing of the bed and mattress when buying them separately as sizes can differ depending on the country of origin and you might not be able to fit your frames and mattresses.

What is the largest bed frame size you can buy in the UK?

The  largest UK bed size is Super King Bed Frame, that fits mattress 180cm x 200cm.  The largest possible is Emperor Size Beds, that fits mattress 200cm x 200cm.  

The emperor bed is not a common bed because it is an extremely large bed size and often cumbersome. It is difficult to get into small houses and apartments and is only suitable for larger houses or mansions where you can easily transport the mattress to the bedroom of choice.

If your bedroom is upstairs we strongly recommend that you measure the staircase height and width, and moving turn to ensure that your bed can be easily delivered and assembled.

How many people can fit on an emperor bed?

While larger than a 180cm x 200cm bed, the emperor bed is not much larger. Two people can sleep very comfortable on an emperor bed, even with pets or a couple of small children. However, it will definitely be cramped with there adults.


  • Single Bed Size:
    • UK Standard W75 x L190cm
    • EU Standard W90 x L200 cm
  • Small Double Bed Size
    • UK Standard W120 x L190cm
    • EU Standard W120 x L200 cm
  • Double Bed Size
    • UK Standard W135 x L190cm
    • EU Standard W140 x L200 cm
  • King Size Bed Size
    • UK Standard W150 x L200cm
    • EU Standard W160 x L200 cm
  • Super King Size Bed Size
    • UK Standard W180 x L200cm
    • EU Standard W180 x L200 cm
  • Empreror Bed Size
    • EU Standard W200 x L200 cm

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