The bedroom is a uniquely personal space, where the scheme needs to reflect our taste and personality but also promote a really good night’s sleep. Here are the key things you need to remember when creating the perfect sleep space.

Think about furniture

The bed is the most important piece in a bedroom, so make sure yours is comfortable and looks great. If you have the space, do not compromise on size, a double bed or king size gives you the space to spread out and relax. Choose the best quality bedding you can afford, and pile on the throws and cushions to make it an eye-catching focal point. If you have room, add a seating area with a comfortable armchair and side table. After all, this is your sanctuary – somewhere to escape to with a good book or a glass of wine.

Show your true colours

Your sleeping space should reflect your style and personality, so choose a colour scheme that you love. Unlike a spare room or children’s room, guests are unlikely to see your inner sanctum, so you can be as playful or as bold as you want. You might want to go for drama with dark tones of burgundy and purple, or create a serene sanctuary with pale pastels and cream. Be creative with this, it is a space for you!

Create the right mood

When it comes to good sleep, it’s well known that having electronics in the bedroom is a big no-no, so banish all devices and make this a true wind-down zone. Lighting is important, too, for creating the right ambience. A dimmer switch is a great way to set the tone that you want, and bedside lamps are a must if you like to read before sleeping. Brighter task lighting is a good addition for applying make-up, too. If you enjoy diving into a novel and doing some late night reading, a bedside table lamp may be the perfect addition for applying make-up, too.

Clear the clutter

Bedrooms can become dumping grounds for our to-do piles – washing waiting for ironing, or paperwork that needs tackling – precisely because this is a room that no one else will see. But unfinished tasks are not what you want to be reminded of when you’re trying to sleep. Invest in some storage for bedrooms that can help you keep the room streamlined and calm. A blanket box can hide a multitude of sins, as can a sideboard or a roomy wardrobe. Storage furniture can help find everything a place in your room. A smart and elegant 2 door wardrobe or 4 door wardrobe may be exactly what you need to keep your bedroom in order.

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