Unsurprisingly, the bedroom is a fundamentally important place in the home that should  maintain the task of the peaceful retreat in our busy lifestyle and spark joy. Therefor, maximising the space is key.

When crafting beautiful products such as our Eclipse range, it's important to consider how the layout and decor of your sleepy haven can have a profound influence on its ability to leave you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

European style furniture is currently sought after for its elegance and classic neutral tones which complement a whole range of colour schemes, making them versatile. With that in mind, bedroom furniture is usually fitted to introduce a sense of symmetry or cohesiveness.

Additionally, it is conventional to buy your furniture in pairs, especially if it's a breathtaking bedside table for either side of the master bed. Another way of leaving a more lasting impression is to choose furniture of varying levels. This can engage the eye more effectively if assembled in ascending order around the bedroom.

This brings us to one of the more important features of storage yet: creating space. The vast majority of modern bedrooms are designed to be rectangular and comprise of one long wall which usually faces the bed. In doing this, fitting a wardrobe or one of our beautiful chest of drawers opposite the bed becomes far easier as they can fit along the side of the room, achieving a flowing effect.

The most clever storage furniture is manufactured to take advantage of a room's layout. Vertical space can be a room's greatest asset and put to fantastic use with a high-rise wardrobe, or an elegant tall-boy drawer which can more than double the space for your favourite outfits, trinkets and toiletries.

Overall, when making your selection, ensure that you think about the shape and height of your bedroom. Where will the furniture use the space more efficiently and establish presence?

A wonderful place to begin your search for the perfect furniture would be our Eclipse range. Finished with a marble effect ceramic top, this furniture bridges contemporary colours with a unique traditional design.

Discover all of our bedroom storage selection  to see what is most suitable for your home. It is time to make your home only Spark Joy.

Whether you are craving modern bedroom chic or a more traditional  bedroom look, we have got you covered. Choose  bedroom interiors from our exclusive bedroom interior design furniture packages available in stock or on demand.