It's proved that Biophilic interior design is good for your mental and physical well being! discover what are benefits , what elements you should consider if you want to introduce Biophilic Design into your home. .  

Living in big cities opens us a variety of opportunities, however, it has serious consequences. We are always in the middle of life, surrounded by people and concrete jungles that creates enormous psychological pressure on us. We are constantly seeking a calm room for ourselves. Being lost in the concrete we realize there’s a lack of nature around us.

Nature is an integral part of our life. Being connected, we definitely experience a positive effect. According to Mental Floss, a natural environment helps us center our mind, allows leaving the stressors of daily fuss behind and helps to relax both our mind and body.

So how can we create a harmonious space and become reunited with nature again?

Biophilia is all about incorporating nature into our places we inhabit via interior and architecture using organic patterns and nature inspired motifs giving us the ability to reconnect with nature and find our zen.

Biophilia stems from the Greek words for Life (Bios) and Love (Philia) and literally means a love of life. The word was first used by a psychologist called Erich Fromm in 1964.  He described it as “the passionate love of life and all that is alive”

With a diminished connection to nature, the increasing pressure on urban space & the ubiquitous  technological presence we have less opportunity to recuperate our mental and physical energy.

Incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment have been demonstrated through research to reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and self reported rates of well-being.

"Biophilic design is more than just bringing the outside in. It’s about making and strengthening a connection with many aspects of nature. It’s about natural light, views on nature, plants, natural materials, textures and patterns.” - says Oliver Heath, an expert in the field of sustainable architectural and interior design.

How to create Biophilic interior?

More than just a design.

It’s all about loving nature and our genetic connection to the natural world. It’s about integrating natural elements into modern environments. It significantly reduces stress and helps better mental and physical well-being. Moreover, such a healthy environment improves concentration, increases creativity and productivity.

More greenery...

spice up the room with beautiful flora and sophisticated flowerpots or even create indoor micro gardens. If you need a more artistic approach, create flower panels. Anton Gaudi used to say, “Nothing is art if it does not come from nature,” you agree, right?

It will refresh a space and positively affect the air condition in the room.

       Pepper Sq : Ready-to-buy bedroom interior Cecconi's Dream


For those green thumbs yearning to jump into the Biophilic trend head first we recommend starting with investing onto natural and recycled materials. Recycled wood, marble, terrazzo and concrete are a great way to start, instantly inviting a Biophilic character into your home when wooden and stone textures meet.


Create a biophilic atmosphere with a nice woody chest of drawers or a marble top dining table. Your go to is furniture and home accessories made from natural materials and finishes reminiscent of nature. Green and brown colour palette, with an addition of juicy reds and yellows will make you think of Babylon Gardens and delicious tropical forests.

Add some texture to your decor details in form of rustic wood, marble panels and cane pieces.


While the trend for excessive indoor plants has been going strong for a while, it never hurts to join the bandwagon later on and create an indoors garden, especially if you do not have a luxury of a personal garden.

Invite large leafy plants into your home for a tropical forest feel, such as banana plants, fiddle-leaf fig or a wild banana plant...or get all of them together and start a little tropical forest in your home.

Complement your greenery with decorative planters and vases, add an extra touch with cracked glaze planters or go minimal with the cement or terracotta texture.


Another way to add a touch of biophilia in through simply adding patterned accessories here and there. A leafy patterned carpet, plush velvet armchair and an accent lamp could be all that you need for the biophilia atmosphere. Throw in a cowhide rug for the "back to your roots" vibe.

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Find a perfect art print or a tropical-inspired wall mural to add a pop of colour and leafy texture, additionally introduce large leafy plants in front of the mural wall for  depth. Which mural would you choose?

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