Whether it’s a side table, coffee table or dining table you’re after, a round design has plenty of advantages over square or rectangular types. Here’s our roundup of why you should seek out circles.

They take up less space

The rounded edges on a circular table take up much less space than a square design. Even in a small dining area, you can squeeze in a round table and four chairs, and the circular shape offers more versatility when it comes to finding the right spot for it.

They soften the angles in a room

Much of the furniture in our homes is boxy and square, so a few circular styles is a welcome way to offset all those angles, not to mention the squared-off proportions of the room itself. Choose a low round coffee table to sit within an L-shape sofa formation, or put an armchair and round side table in a bedroom to counteract the bulky bed.

They are more sociable

If you want to create a convivial vibe around the dinner table, a round design can really help. No one is left out at the end of a long table, and everyone is facing everyone else, to keep the conversation going all evening.

They make a room ‘flow’ better

Round coffee tables mean there is more space between furniture, giving a feeling of openness, while round dining tables have more free space around them for people to walk around – ideal in a busy family kitchen where the table might be used for homework or food prep as well as mealtimes.

They’re less formal

Tradition once dictated that the ‘head’ of the family sat at the head of the table, but with a round dining table, there is no head of the table, making for a more casual mealtime that feels modern and relaxed.

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