With everyone working from home our number one tip when creating your own home office is to think like a boss! Get inspired to create a beautiful working space so you'll actually want to get your work done.

For some, deciding on a spot for their home office is easy. They have an empty room that they use for their work space. It could be an “office,” but most people tend to use an empty bedroom or even their basement. But not everyone has the luxury of of free space in their house so it is important to be creative about your office space when space is tight.

A cosy working corner can inspire some Nobel Prize-worthy ideas.  The home of @eyeswoon designed by @elizabeth_roberts_architects is a perfect of example of finding a creative way of choosing the work space in tight spaces.

Fraser Fold Up Desk 104cm

Pepper Sq offers creative space saving solutions and one example is the Fraser Smoked Oak folding desk. Being able to fold away your worktop after you finish with long meeting creates a sense of "zoning off". An innovative home office desk which is also made by sustainably sourced oak.

Hagen Folding Desk 95cm

Hagen Folding Desk is known for style and convenience. The desk folds flat making it perfect for your work from home pop-up office. An ideal desk where space is limited that will be enjoyed for years to come.

How to Position your desk is key

People tend to position their home office desk facing a wall or sometimes facing the window which can be great options, but there is another way too. Position your office desk facing the room with some natural light coming from the side.

This arrangement by @kellyhopterinteriors has perfectly adapted this concept. Your office space must inspire you from all angles. It should reflect your uniqueness whilst keeping you focused and efficient.

To achieve this classic bossy look even better, if you have the space to add some armchair and side table. This is particularly perfect if you like to constantly move around and change your position.  Madrid Cane Armchairs make a perfect match with Ryan desk from solid oak wood.

Move around

Don't just work in position day in day out, try to move around your space. Even though a desk in the best place to work effective but we still need change. Working on a comfortable armchair can be great for doing simple tasks like responding to emails or making phone calls.

Level Leather Daybed

Adding a daybed to your space can really transform and elevate your workflow. If you are working remotely from home, being able to take quick break and just lay down or even think things through is crucial for staying efficient. The Level Leather Daybed does just that for you.

Prioritise Your Comfort

Finding the right home office chairs or armchairs for your office will ensure good comfort throughout your work flow whilst keeping you sturdy.  

Designed and crafted in Europe, the award-winning Arch Leather Armchair is characterized by both its timeless elegance and modern character.

The curved interior of the chair is upholstered in soft leather with the back and base of each seat constructed in a non-obvious arch shape which reveals the beautiful surface of the natural wood.

The Madrid Cane Armchair, inspired by model 811 from 1930 by Josef Hoffmann, blends his interest in Art Nouveau and simple shapes. The geometrical model features a hand-woven cane back and seat in a black frame.

Think Storage

When setting up your office normally the focus is on the desk and chair you will buy but having good storage solutions from sideboards to cabinets will allow you to neatly store all your belongings without any clutter.

Virka High Sideboard

If your space is tight then prioritise your items and the correct storage before deciding on your desk. Having big desk is ideal for work but it should not come at cost of your storage needs.

My Writing desk with two drawers is designed for people who know the value of efficient work.  The desk's designer Inesa Malafej had a clear goal – to reduce the chaotic clutter that creative work brings to the table.

Think Vertical

Storage is not necessarily all about sideboards and cabinets, it can be vertical too. Think of a wall mounted shelf, or a standing bookcase for favorite items or book collection. Storing things isn't just for utility purposes, you can decorate your office with unique items or collectables. This way you will add more of a character and identity to your space.

OJ Natural Bookcase

Redefining the traditional bookcase, the unique Oj Bookcase system offers a myriad of shelving combinations for the modern home.  It is a wall-mounted shelving system with  three removable units . The configuration can be redesigned and renewed from time to time. Hang the storage boxes vertically or horizontally – you choose!

Tilde Shelf Smoked Oak Brass

The Tilde shelf is minimalistic Scandinavian made from sustainable FSC certified smoked oak , with a brass finish. The shelves can be used individually which gives you the opportunity to create a completely unique shelving solution.

Manage your wild wires.

With the rising need of technology wires have started to become a nightmare in homes. The most efficient way to deal with them is to find a desk where you can hide wires underneath to keep your room feeling tidey.

The mid-century style of the Axel desk with ceramic top and smart plug is bold and refined with two storage areas secured beneath discreet flap doors located on the top of the desk perfect for wire management. The sleek profile is everything you need to enjoy working from home. Handcrafted from natural oak with marble-effect ceramic top, the Axel desk is a classic desk designed to last for generations.

Dedalo Desk 130 cm

Square, simple lines sum up the Dedalo designer desk. Featuring a storage niche on each side of the central, soft close door. The sleek profile is everything you need to enjoy working from home! Even smart socket:))

Pair with our Madrid bentwood cane armchair with handwoven rattan seat & back or opt for the award-winning Arch chair.

Keep it classy

If you don't need a whole room for working then incorporate stylish desks to the other rooms of the house.

Malibu Console Table + Host Console Dressing Table

Our Malibu and Host tables provide the perfect balance between a dressing table and console

Add multifunctional items

Space is a luxury especially in large cities, finding items that have more than one purpose are becoming more and more important. Discover a smart way of living with our space saving transforming tables - an easy solution to use available square meters of your flat or house effectively.

The Wall Mounted desk - cabinet Malthe is everything you need in one, featuring both storage and work top.  Store your favorite books or add decoration that bring you joy. It opens for work and closes when work is done.

The Malthe is a round cabinet-desk that works fixed to a wall and can instantly transform into a fully-functional working place, a dressing table, or even a bar! Attach it at standard table height, a bit higher or a bit lower – it’s your choice.

A unique piece to add to any space. Some treat Malthe like a little cozy cocktail bar, the choice is really yours.

Inspired by the mid-century Brutalist architecture movement, the Barbican convertible coffee table turns into an extendable dining table from 120cm to 170 cm to 220cm (via 2 inside extensions).  Innovative gas lifting device, with millimetre-adjustable height mechanism  from cm 28 to cm 88.

Lets not forget lights...

Finding the tone of light and the lamp shade are things that can make or break room. Achieve the optimum ambience with the right balance between warm and cool light tones to boost your productivity.

Lola Green Gold Table Lamp

The Lola desk lamp will add a touch of class to your work environment. Working in style will allow you to dream big feel that tunnel vision.

Remy Table Lamp Matt Brass Shade

A modern take on classic mid-century desk lamp with a matt gold colour shade complemented by a black structure. Ideal for work space or as an auxiliary light in the living room.

Working from home is definitely not easy, having to use one space to do multiple tasks has been a massive struggle. This why setting the right mood and pick the right furniture is crucial for both your well being and overall effectiveness.

It's time to re-think your workspace at home and create an atmosphere that will inspire some Nobel Prize-worthy ideas. Bossing it!

Shop inspired  home office furniture to create a more productive you.